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Zhenbang Electromechanical offer international famous brand of diesel generating set configuration, and has passed ISO9001 international quality system certification. Both agents, or direct user,we can provide the highest reliable support and service.
warrants that the gensets will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of shipment or 1500 hours, whichever comes first. all failure caused by a manufacturing defect, according to original factory warranty from the company responsible for repairing their. Crew wearing parts, daily consumption, caused by human error, negligence of maintenance do not follow the original loss resulting from the use, maintenance requirements are not within the scope of this warranty.
Before-sales service
1. Provides information about the condition of power and information;
2. Provides basics of generator equipment
3. Comparative cost of preparing preliminary assessment;
4. Put forward proposals to improve existing equipment installations;
5. Calculation of the equipment capacity is needed;
6. Provides recommendations for the efficient use of energy (including the calculation of the required capacity, combined with the electricity network);
7. Customer design room, preparation room layout and the generator Foundation;
8. Training generator operator free to customers.

After-sales service
We have professional engineering and technical personnel, capable of directly to customers, take on room design, guide installation and debug unit, handling general failures, the timely replacement of wearing parts and guide customers to tasks such as electricians, dealing with customer complaints respond in less than 12 hours (except in remote areas).

Every Office 3-5 Office Professional Engineer, responsible for General room design, install, above medium unit debugging, unit accessories claim within the warranty period, replacement, breakdown; guidance, coordination of dealer technicians. Each Office is equipped with small parts warehouse to meet common accessories and supplies required daily, you can respond to complaints within 24 hours anywhere (except in remote areas).
Technical Service Center with professional engineers,is responsible for the design of large and medium hydropower station project, localization, adaptation unit, special units of the installation, commissioning, warranty claims unit parts, replacement, breakdown, national organization for advanced technical training. Training services to provide customers with quality products at the same time, the company also provide superior professional service to the customer, sales and service network and nationwide. An elite team of professional engineers, equipped with advanced testing equipment and specialized tools, providing customers with 24-hour service.
Technical services
Help customers assess and correct choice for electricity brand;
Assist environmental engineering design and room layout;
Answers to customer with products and technical advice;
Special designs for specific users.
After-sales service telephone: 

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